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“We combine the strength of ex-Big 4 consultants with many years of professional services delivery, software engineers, and a broad range of cloud, web and app development experience. Our experience is both within government and further afield.”

Dale Freya  Director, AginicX

About Us

AginicX is a studio specialising in rapid development of accessible tools to automate inefficient or manual business processes. Our aim is to to improve analytic decision-making by streamlining the collection of new kinds of data and connecting together existing data sources in new ways.

With our partner company Aginic we connect business intelligence with data collection and the ability to take action on genuine business insights.

Our Services

Mobile & Web Applications
Data Collection
Cloud Services

At the core of our service offering is the ability to rapidly implement low cost web and mobile applications that can provide immediate business value. We offer application prototyping, development and quality assurance with authenticated data source integration.

We’re focused on building solutions by connecting modern frameworks and hosted services that allow us to get to a functioning application in minimal time. We use cross-platform technologies to minimise the amount of time and expense spent on platform specific development. We can provide our applications as cloud hosted software as a service or we can use your internal hosting.

We build applications that solve many different business problems and also assist in business as usual processes.

Some of Our Clients

Meet the Team


Dale Freya | Director

Dale is a software engineer and data analyst specialising in web development and business intelligence using modern cloud technology. His experience includes building systems to scale for hundreds of millions of users. He has worked for both public and private sector organisations across industries such as Health, Recreation, Entertainment, Video Games, Education, and Defence.


Brett Thebault | Director

After graduating in Computation, Brett worked for six years in London for Detica (now BAE Applied Intelligence), a niche Analytics and Business Intelligence firm. In this time he specialised in Commercial Analytics, Fraud Analysis and Dashboarding working across Telco, Health, Retail and Financial Services. He then moved to Brisbane to help set up and lead the EY Analytics team with Marty. After a successful three years of strong growth he and Marty started up Aginic.


Marty Conneely | Director

Marty has over nine years professional experience, specialising in Business Intelligence and Data Modelling.  He is a Chartered Accountant by trade and he brings that business acumen to deliver on valuable finance reporting tools.  He has worked with both public and private sector organisations in Australia, the UK and US across diverse industries including Airline, Health, Mining, and Pharmaceuticals.

Rob Mackay | Associate Director

Rob is a business consultant with over 10 years professional experience specialising in Healthcare Improvement, Health Information Technology, Healthcare Analytics and the Disability Sector. Rob has worked as an Allied Health professional across a number of public and private organisations, started a Location Intelligence/GIS business and led the PwC Brisbane Analytics team.

Ian Rodin
Non-Executive Chairman

Laura McDonald
Operations Manager & Executive Assistant

Anna Fransson
Lead Designer

Ruben Slabbert
Senior Developer

Rahul Nair
Senior Developer

Sam Kosky
Senior Developer

Jeevan Shikaram

Neil Ashford

John Owen

Emma Freya

Maryanne Jauch

“We’re focused on building solutions by connecting modern frameworks and hosted services that allow us to get to a functioning application in minimal time.”


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